Summer turns to autumn

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One of the last blog posts of the year that I won’t be bundled up in a coat, scarf, hat and gloves I feel.

One evening after work we popped down to perch on the cliff top and watch the surfer and sunset. It was a beautiful evening but a lot chillier than these pictures prevail – quite regretted wearing something that doesn’t show my ‘midriff’ as my gran would say!

The birkenstocks are still a firm favourite of mine (much to most people’s disgust) and I will continue to wear them through the winter as ‘house slipper’s’!

I love these set of images – as you can tell as it is a bit of an image overload and I couldn’t choose my favourites so I decided to bombard you all with them all! Enjoy!

New outfits coming soon!

Nicole x

Topshop jeans, jumper, birkenstocks and Nixon watch

Ps. BIG NEWS – the fringe is on the way out! YAY for being able to wear hats again without hideous hat hair once hat is removed!

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