Is it still winter?

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Photo by Dan Ward

Hey guys

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, it’s the Easter holidays and unfortunately I haven’t been munching on Easter Eggs but I have been drowning in Uni work.

Found this picture amongst my files and it sums up ‘Spring’ so far in Cornwall – cold, wet and windy. I want it to be sunny, I could even put up with no heat but just some sun to make me smile in the mornings amongst the huge workload I have. I cannot wait for summer when I break up from Uni and I can blog ‘proper’ then!

I’ve filled my wardrobe with beautiful summer clothes that I cannot wait to show everyone but I am hanging out for the weather. If not I may do a ‘new things’ post soon.

Enjoy, Nicole x

I’m wearing:-

Coat & Boots – Topshop
Gloves – Accessorize

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